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Fallout 4 Recruitment Poster 550pc Puzzle

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$ 9.99
We need you! Yes, you! The person licking Doritos cheese dust off your fingers! We need capable fighters such as yourself to fight the good fight. Not sure if you heard, but war never changes. Our enemy is cunning and will try to outwit you at every turn. We are, of course, referring to this 550 piece puzzle. The most clever of foes. Just when you think you've finally found the one piece you've been looking for - nope! Doesn't fit! We need you out in the trenches, digging through those pieces. Can we count on you, soldier?

The Fallout 4 Recruitment Posters 550pc Puzzle features a soldier donning Power Armor standing heroically and giving a thumbs up. Don't let this war hero go it alone! He needs your help to fight back the puzzle menace.