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Harley Quinn Sengoku Edition Nendoroid Action Figure

$ 60.00
From the animated action film that features Batman travelling to the Sengoku period of Japan, Batman Ninja, comes the Harley Quinn Sengoku Edition Nendoroid Action Figure! Wearing her Japanese-style outfit and fully articulated, allowing for all sorts of different posing options, Harley comes with both a standard face plate as well as an audacious smile that shows off her crazier side. The Nendoroid comes with two weapons including her hammer (made in the image of a rattle drum) for close combat, as well as her iconic gun for long-range combat. Her unique outfit with alternating colors on either side has also been faithfully captured, and her twintails are fitted with joints to easily create dynamic scenes in adorable Nendoroid size. Stands roughly 4-inches tall.